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Item # 1010207, Potter Control Valve Switch (Double Switch)

The Model PCVS is a weather proof and tamper resistant switch for monitoring the open position of fire sprinkler control valves of the post indicator, butterfly and other types. Depending on the model, one or two SPDT (Form C) contacts are provided which will operate when the valve position is altered from an open state.

The unit mounts in a 1/2" NPT tapped hole in the post indicator or butterfly valve housing. The device is engaged by the indicating assembly of the post indicator or the operating mechanism of the butterfly valve, actuating switch(es) when the valve is fully open. The unit should be installed where it is accessible for service.

The cover is held in place by two tamper resistant screws that require a special tool to remove. The tool is furnished with each device and should be left with the building owner or responsible party. Replacement or additional cover screws and hex keys are available.

Specifications  · Dimensions


Model No.



1.35 lb


Cover - Die-Cast
Finish - Red Spatter Enamel

Base - Die-cast Zinc

Cover Tamper

Optional cover tamper switch kit available
Tamper Resistant Screws


1/2" NPT

Contact Rating

15 Amps at 125/250 VAC
2.5 Amps at 30 VDC resistive

PCVS-1: One set of SPDT (Form C)

PCVS-2: Two sets of SPDT (Form C)

Temperature Range

-40 to 140 ºF
-40 to 60

Environmental Limitations2

NEMA 4 and NEMA 6P Enclosure (IP67) when used with appropriate watertight conduit fittings.

Conduit Entrances

Two knockouts for 1/2" conduit provided

Service Use

Automatic Sprinkler: NFPA-13
National Fire Alarm Code: NFPA-72

One or Two Family Dwelling: NFPA-13D

Residential Occupancies up to 4 Stories: NFPA 13R

Optional Cover Tamper Switch

A field installable cover tamper switch is available as an option which may be used to indicate removal of the cover.


The PCVS and its associated protective monitoring system should be tested in accordance with applicable NFPA codes and standards and/or the authority having jurisdiction (manufacturer recommends quarterly or more frequently).

Listings & Approvals

CE Marked
CSFM Listed

FM Approved

NYMEA Accepted


1 All parts have corrosion resistant finishes.
2 Indoor or Outdoor Use. Not for use in hazardous locations.



4.75 in


8.2 in


2.25 in

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PCVS-1, -2 Control Valve Supervisory Switches - Data Sheet
(PDF, 138KB)

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